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That Pap Smear Can Save Your Life!

I consider myself to be very in tune with my when I started bleeding after sex, I knew there was a problem. I am a Womb Practitioner and I thought if I increased my water intake and steamed a little more often the problem would go away. But it didn't. I made an appointment to see my gynecologist and I told her what was happening, but she wrote it off as me getting older causing me to experience some dryness that caused me to bleed during sex.

I was still feeling uneasy and anxious. So when she called me and said she needed me to come in her office I knew something was wrong. She told me that I had high grade lesions on my cervix which was caused my high-grade HPV (human papillomavirus). She said I would have to get a biopsy to see if the lesions were precancerous or cancerous. I thought I could steam and fast during this time, and that whatever it was would just go away. I was so anxious waiting to get the results back. When I got them back, it was determined that I had precancerous cells on my cervix. I was referred to a GYN Oncologist (a cancer doctor with special training in women’s health).

At this time, I was taking a women’s health class which really helped me to put everything in perspective and helped me to ask the questions I needed to. Meeting and speaking with the oncologist put me at ease. I would have to have a LEEP procedure (or Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure, a treatment that prevents cervical cancer). The oncologist told me I would have to be put to sleep so she could do the procedure. I was so anxious and nervous leading up to the it. There were so many crazy thoughts going through my mind. But even in the midst of it all, I knew that I was being guided and protected. When I woke up, I was in recovery and alive! Praise to my ancestors! Two days later my doctor called to let me know that all the precancerous cells were removed from my cervix and all margins were clear.

Now I see my GYN every 3 months and every time I go all my tests come back negative! Affirmations, vaginal steaming, and herbs saved my life! My biggest take away from this experience is that I needed to take better care of myself and never take life for granted. I was so busy taking care of everybody else that I forgot to take care of me. In the work that I do how can I possibly hold space for someone else if I am not taking care of myself?

Ladies, please remember to make your appointments for your annual wellness checkup. I know that Pap smears and pelvic exams are uncomfortable, but they can literally save your life.

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